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About us

We came together from everywhere in Japan and all over the world for logistic support to Iwaki. What can we do for reconstruction of our hometown Iwaki? We’re trying to find the answer since 3.11.
Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear plants and its harmful rumour. Iwaki suffers enormous damage. The way to reconstruction will be long and rocky path.
However, we are sure that Iwaki will overcome these difficulties, and we will love Iwaki more and more!
We want to support Iwaki from everywhere in Japan and even more, all over the world! We want to tell people in Iwaki that lots of people in the world are supporting and cheering them!
We hope this site create an opportunity to support Iwaki.
We want you to know about Iwaki. Please continue thinking about Iwaki. Then, please come and visit Iwaki when it is recovered someday.
People like us who live outside Iwaki can do something special for Iwaki.

This page is temporary and will be redesigned soon. Please see below to know more about Iwaki.

About Iwaki city and influence of the earthquake 3.11

Iwaki city is in Fukushima prefecture, which is the southernmost prefecture among six prefectures in Tohoku area (north east Japan). Its eastern end faces the Pacific Ocean and the area extends to the west. The western part is called Aizu, which is well known for heavy snowfall in winter. Iwaki city is located at the southern edge of Fukushima prefecture and faces Kanto area (capital area of Japan). You can access to Iwaki city from Tokyo easily. It takes less than two hours by express train (Joban line) and two and half hours by car through highway (Joban high way line).

location map of Iwaki city

Iwaki city has an area of 1,231 km² and population of 340,000. Each part of the city has its own characteristics. Taira is a centre of culture and commerce. Onahama has industrial port and harbour and also good for sightseeing. Some seaside towns: Nakoso, Jyoban and Yotsukura are well known for fishery and sightseeing spots. Uchigo and Yumoto are famous for hot springs and good for sightseeing, too.

The best things of Iwaki city are warm climate and beautiful nature of the sea and mountains. Iwaki city is people-friendly and comfortable place to live in. The quality of the environment is rated in the top five of the most livable cities in Japan (in some indicators). Furthermore, Iwaki city receive recognition as the best place to live after retirement among Japanese people.

However, Iwaki city is now facing the greatest crisis caused by 3.11 Earthquake. Coastal area of the city was destroyed by tsunami and lots of citizens lost their lives. In addition, accidents of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant give further challenge to Iwaki city.
340,000 people still live in Iwaki city. The city also accepted evacuees from surrounding area of the nuclear plant. The people in the city make a strenuous effort to live everyday. Please imagine that lots of people love Iwaki, the same way you love your hometown.

Please give courage to the people in Iwaki who make efforts toward recovery.
For future reconstruction, new industry is desired, in addition to recovery of existing industries such as agriculture, fishery and sightseeing.
We believe that lots of people in the world will come and visit Iwaki after recovery.
Please keep your eyes on the reality of Iwaki.

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Japan Earthquake 311 supporters’ website for Iwaki city [Support! Iwaki!!]

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